Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scrap booking - A wonderful way to capture the sweet memories

In this Digital Camera Era, I always felt we are loosing the pleasure of leisurely glancing through the photos (hard copies) in the album & relishing the memories. As we no longer print the photos as we used to, while taking photos with conventional cameras.

That was one of the reasons why Scrap booking attracted me so much. It is not an album, it is a snap shot of your memory about that event or trip or just that moment.

You can add the story or journal, you can attach a thing related to the photo. Like I have tickets pasted in the page. I even got a maple leaf from Niagara - Canada, attached to the page :-)

I was told, people who maintain Scrap books of their babies have strands of baby hair, nails attached in the pages. Imagine, how happy the little child would be once grown up to see all of these. The child will for sure know how much his/her parents loved him/her to have treasured these.

There are lot of sites to help you get started on Scrap booking. You need to invest on album & background papers. But then you can make use of your creativity & bring the nice look to your scrap book pages with out spending much.

Given few of the photos of my scrapbook pages.

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