Monday, March 22, 2010

Paruppu Usili - Dhal Crumble

Parrupu Usili (Dhal Crumble) has always been one of our favorite dishes. So far I was using only Toor Dhal to make it, recently my MIL has got a tip from one of her friends & asked me to use Chenna Dhal too. It came out very tasty & extra crunchy because of the Chenna Dhal.


Toor Dhal (Lentil) - 1 cup
Chenna Dhal - 2 cups
Dried Red Chilli - 3-4 numbers
Beans or Indian Beans (Avarekai) - 3 cups (washed & cut)
Oil - 5 spoons

For Garnishing:
Urud Dhal - 1 spoon
Mustard Seeds
Curry Leaves
Asafoetida - a pinch

Soak Toor, Chenna Dhal & Red Chillies in water at least for half an hour. Grind them coarsely.
Stream in the cooker with adequate salt.
In parallel, boil the beans/Indian beans with sufficient salt for the beans. Drain the excess water(You can collect the water to make soup) & keep it aside.
Once the cooked Dhal mixture is cooled, crumble them using a fork or spoon.
In a pan put oil, mustard seeds, urud dhal, curry leaves. Add Asafoetida. Put the Dhal crumble & fry them until it is slightly roasted.
Now add the drained beans & cook it for 5 more minutes.
Delicious Paruppu Usili is ready to be tasted with Rice, Rasam / Moor Kulambu.