Friday, December 11, 2009

Glass Paintings

I have been thinking of posting my little experiments with art work in this blog for quite sometime. I got the push or rather inspiration from my Cousin Sister's blog Priya's Vegetarian Recipes.
Browsing through the other links in her blog made me realize that there are so many people like me, doing their own experiments & wanting to share the results with the world.
The outcome may not be perfect, but lets have fun & be happy. I felt this was the message I got from those enthusiastic bloggers.
So, even after loosing the title of Homemaker to become an IT Professional again, here I really GO :-)
These paintings are my experiments sometime during 2004 (my definition of quite sometime may vary from yours :-))
I had some stencils & traced one of them on the glass & gave a try with Fevicryl's glass paints.

This was my first project. Came out good, though only basic colors were used.

I saw absolutely perfect glass paintings of Egyptian Women & Men in one of the shops in Forum, Bangalore. Having my second project finished decently, I gathered up some courage and went in search of Ancient Egyptian Paintings.

After some research, settled down for Paintings of Goddess Issis & Queen Nefertari. Those were really challenging & made me wipe off the outline many times with nail-polish remover. But the outcome was decent & made me feel good.

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Priya Narasimhan said...

vardhini, welcome back.. :-) looking forward to read all your this and thats..the paintings look awesome..Looks like a professional one..and using nail polish remover is a nice tip. :-)